Friday, August 20, 2010

my honey bunches of stinkweed...

first, as promised...

the answers to yesterday's post.

here is the back of my alphabet card with the answers:

now on to the real reason for this post...

while shopping with Hope the other day

I found a ring

you know when you find something you like

you make the move to try it on

and when you do,

it fits

AND looks good?

well, it happened to me.

it was not a big deal, just a sterling ring...

but it had a heart in the center of it.

i don't want to buy a heart for myself.

i know it sounds weird

i feel like I am saying "i love you" to me

and as we should love ourselves...

i don't need to buy something to tell me that. 

well, i suppose no one needs to buy something for someone else to tell them that.

it is evident in how we treat each other,


Well, I went home that day,


and told my husband about it.

it was the same day I got my little animal

(fox? bear? cat?  we still don't know)

I digress

(i do that a lot!)

So today, he told me to go put my feet up, take a nap or just lie down for a bit. 

and after a ton of lollygagging

(it is what i do best,)

i finally made my way into my room and found this:

Upon first glance, it looked as if she had a cast on...

but no!

It was the ring!!!

and then came the note...

I won't share it, because it is personal,
and mushy...

but it was the sweetest note ever.


you are just going to have to believe me on this.

He was supposed to be setting up his classroom yesterday
with our kids
while i was out with friends
and instead,
he spent over an hour on the road
and somehow the kids kept this a secret for a whole day!

(my favorite is the heart in the middle)

I love my honey bunches of stinkweed!



Leanne said...

you've got a good guy there! I was wondering if you'd get that ring or not!

Bryanna Lenan said...

ahhhhhhhhh...... very sweet indeed!

Hope | Paper Relics said...

yay! so glad the ring is yours - it looks so great on you and was meant to me yours!

natalie hansen said...

Oh, how stink'in SWEET is that!!