Thursday, August 19, 2010

staying true to my word...

one more thing to check off the list! 


I completed my ABC book swap page.

(hosted by the ever so sweet and gracious Marian Ballog)

as you can probably guess

my letter

was Gg 

it started out in a whole other direction, but as I worked

my page morphed into something whimsical.

and i can sit back and say

"i am happy with it"

so, I think I will...

I am happy with it!

There, another thing checked off my list...
being kind to myself about what I create.

Wow, this evening is full of check offs.

Here are all TWENTY SEVEN in all of their glory...


Can you guess all of the "g" words included on the page?

there are seven!
get it?
G is the seventh letter of the alphabet!!

answers coming tomorrow...

On another note,
I got to hang out with Hope this week while she was in town!

What a treat that was!!!

Anna and I took her

to blick (oh the copics!)

antiquing (vignettes is amazing!!!)
met up with LeAnne,
had lunch on the beach
touched our toes in the COLD Pacific
ate bright green ice cream

(well, Anna and I did... everyone else had normal colors)
went to Out of the Blue, Solo and Leaping Lotus

Love this towel!

before having to take her back to her hubby.

I just could not resist bringing this little one home...

She was just so sweet that I could not leave her.

she has a home, now she needs a name...

any suggestions?



Wanda said...

I love them!!! I can't wait to see what everyone has done. I was working on mine yesterday...still much to do. You should name the doll Hope.

Jessi Nagy said...

hey sweets,
eeekk these are darling!!!
i love them
cute pics too.
hope all is well

Hope | Paper Relics said...

what a wonderful fun day I har - thank you so much for everything!
And it was so fun meeting Anna - she is so sweet and creative!

I love the photo of me and her!

Okay - the weather at home is hot and humid - ick. I am ready to come back to SoCal! xox h

I have a little doll I had to have, named her Pip - (short for Pippa). Maybe name her Solo since that is where you got her?