Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mary and silver sundays...

So the last part of the challenge from my swap called Miraculous Mary Montage from Silver Bella is to show how you have displayed them in your home.  I began putting them on some ledge shelving that I display photos on.  I liked this because you were able to see all of the wonderful details.

Then I took them down and tried another approach.  I put them on a low shelf in a bunch and although they were wonderful, I missed so many of the details because of the overlapping. 

Here are some close-ups of the eye candy, all the girls worked so hard...

Finally I decided to just put them here and there all throughout my home.  I figured that spreading Mary all over is the best decision.

AND on another note...

Sounded fun so I joined in, maybe you will join too?

now to stretch those creative photography wings...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

it really is about the presents...

We have worked so hard with the kids to teach them the meaning of Christmas, desperately doing our best to shield them from the frenzy and strangulation of this special time.

Last year, we began a new tradition.  We make gifts for each other and instead of 20 trips to the mall and being a part of the holiday rush, we are busy at home like little elves working on our projects.

Skill required:  NONE
Love required:  TONS

It is the best part of our whole mad frenzy of unwrapping because these gifts, more than any other, come straight from the heart.

If for the rest of my life, I only received handmade gifts, I would be in heaven.

I just wanted to share what my husband made for me, it came in a frame but here is the picture alone:

It is my family's hands telling me (in sign language) "we love you"

The love and care for another that goes into these special gifts, now that is Christmas.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Bellas in Training...

My little Anna was invited to participate in a "Bellas in Training Ornament Swap" hosted by Sheila and Janna.

It was a one-on-one swap where the girls were paired by age group. Anna and Dana became little pen pals over the email to get additional information of their likes and dislikes for ornaments. They then got to work and this is what they made...

Anna was inspired with my Bundle Up Birdie class by Jennifer Murphy and did a shadowbox ornament. She covered the box inside and out, added mica flakes and a couple of snowmen we had, tied seam binding around their necks for scarves and added vintage tinsel around the edge.

It is funny to learn what my little one picks up on from watching me. She has watched me do so many swaps in the past that she knew her project was not complete without her artist's info on the back.
This is what she came up with.

Sweet Dana created this beautiful wonder for Anna

This was so amazing because it is paper intricately woven together.
I am telling you, this girl has patience.
She even dusted on just a touch of glitz so that when the lights on the tree hit it, it sparkles!

It was so sweet to watch a swap from a parent's stand point.
Watching Anna's little creative wheels spin is always a treat.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

up on the house top click, click, click...

5:50 a.m.


I desperately hope I am dreaming...  but then just as sure as the first time, "Mom!"

I roll over and find I am nose to nose with mister energy himself, as if he found the secret espresso mines of the great starbucks and ate the beans whole...  "Mom, it is Christmas!"

I mumble less coherently than I believed I did, "It is the middle of the night, go back to bed, why are you even up?"

Dumb question.

"It's Christmas!!!"

These are the days we will remember. 

The magic of childhood, the sweetness and care for each other.

Thank you God for the day, your Son, and my family and friends.

Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to all!


Friday, December 11, 2009


went to my blog tonight
something funky happened with the formatting and who knows when...
my last post was A MONTH AGO!

this seems to be a theme in so many facets of my life

i am going to simplify

less is more

in honor of simplification in life my layout is the first step

a clean fresh start

like fresh crisp cotton sheets


the serene hush of a new fallen snow

wow... i feel better already

what will you simplify today?