Friday, April 30, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Heartbreak is life educating us"
                               ~george bernard shaw

I am sad to report that Despereaux Squeakling has passed away. 

We are not sure what happened but it could have been a number of things. 

He was so small

his mother was missing

his brothers as sisters were all popping up dead in various places at the school
(may have been poisoned)

but whatever it was,

we cared for him

and loved him

while he was with us. 

The worst part of it all

is that my kids are so sad. 

It is amazing...

the love they have in their hearts

for something that would repulse most.

I love them for that,

and hope they never lose it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

"no rodents!" and some bursts of creativity...

My son has wanted a hamster for as long as I can remember.

Every time we go to the pet store

(or happen anywhere around one)

it is as if he has a radar that goes off and it starts up all over again...

"can I have a hamster?"

"let's not start that again..."

"Mom listen, I have an idea... maybe when I am sixteen I can keep one in my car..." (which leads to a whole other dialogue about this delusion of his that he will magically get a car when he is sixteen...)

I am sure I will look back on all of this and laugh, right?

Last week

one of my colleagues at my school

told me that she stepped on a mouse

in her classroom

and didn't even know it!

I scoffed...

"stepped on a mouse? You would know if you stepped on a mouse."

She was so convinced that this really happened

and went on to tell me how flat it was

after the stepping, that is...

Now let me tell you,

I teach at a middle school,

and it is not above kids at this level

to play a little joke or two on teachers or other students.

I put it out of my mind and moved on.

Today, that same teacher told me she found

another little puffball but with obvious trauma

that caused its demise.

It was not flat this time

but was still in the same state as the other one,


A moment of silence for the little furry ones...

Just too weird...

as I said my goodbyes to my son this morning,

we walked into a short inner hallway

that leads

to the "mouse teacher's" classroom,

(sort of a tunnel from her room to mine)

I saw this little bit of fur and instantly flashed to the flattened and not so flattened critters...

This one was squeaking and





a goldfish cracker.

He could have used a small water bottle for a swimming pool.

Well, guess who found him first.

That is right...

my hamster wanting son.

Surprisingly, he trotted off to class without much more to say.

I scooped up the little guy and he was so stinkin' small...

what was I to do?

There are all sorts of creatures that would have loved a little snack such as him

but instead,

we ended up bringing him home.


the whole family loves him,

this poor little mother-less baby who chirps more than squeaks.

(he must know I like birds)

And after much deliberation and a family meeting,

we have decided to keep him.


Despereaux Squeakling

I know, it is nuts.

On another note...

I got my hands on 6 bistro chairs and started playing with one of them. 

The man that sold them to us had

this wonderfully thick

French accent.

He told us they came from France. 

Maybe they did,

maybe they didn't,

but it is certainly romantic to think they did...

They needed cleaning


a bit of paint

don't get me wrong,

I love distressed and used


these were sickly green with orange edges...

so I started by stripping one of the chairs. 

and guess what???


you know that old 70's style of staining?


sorry if you like that

but I just don't know how that was

ever attractive.

Saw this in a magazine once...

I used cardstock and cut out

a bunch of different sizes and fonts

of letters and numbers with my cricut.

I glued them to the chair

and then

painted the chair cream.

It isn't complete,

but here is an idea of where it is right now...

I think I like it.

Sometimes these ideas sound really great

and flop

and sometimes they actually

turn out ok.

hooray for ok!

there is still more to do. 

I want to lightly sand,

give some more coats

and distress with dark brown...

hopefully it will all still be ok!


here is little turtle I

embroidered on a onsie

for a sweet little one on the way. 

it isn't much, but

the momma loves turtles

and I could not resist the chance to make


for that little blessing!