Wednesday, August 4, 2010

someday is here

I decided today that it is about time.

About time I start finishing up all of the old projects

i paid big bucks to create

there are so many

and yes,

they are neatly stored

and kept in the state they were in when the class was over

i packed up

exhausted from a long day of creating and good company

there was usually a long drive home or flight

unpacking and putting it up on a shelf for someday


someday is here

it is now or never

use it or lose it

I think we all come to a point where it is easier
to chuck some things

rather than take the time to finish them

i am battling with that

and trying to win.

(silver bella alum 2008, remember this one?  this one will be done before bed!)

so, with that in mind...

i am already taking Hope's journal class (as you probably know)

and suzi's petit dolls class (you probably know this too)

i am in a vintage abc book swap (but hey, one is going to charity!)

just signed up for Karla's swap:

and planning on signing up for this class online because i just cannot resist.

I mean come on
2 weeks and $25... super cute and affordable. 
Who can resist this stuff???

now, I am creating, finishing and glad someday came.

paper is flying, scissors are snipping and glue is dripping

but i don't care.

someday is here and i am getting ahead.



Alisa Noble said...

Good for you!
I'm hoping my someday will show up soon.

natalea said...

Yay! what a good feeling it is to finish things up! I have been doing that lately too..but there's a lot more to go! have fun!
xo natalea

The Glauchs said...

Do the felt class and then make baby Jane one of these....