Sunday, March 21, 2010

seems to be baby season around here...

just the other day

a girlfriend,

my neighbor,

came by to talk.

she asked if I had heard the big news.

what news? 

there is so much of it these days

(most of which i would like to block out)

she told me she is pregnant.

today, i went to a baby shower where three ladies are pregnant!

(one with twins!)

there were only 8 of us there...

I stayed away

from whatever water they were drinking.

next week i am going to another.

babies, babies, babies

i love that baby smell,

no, not THAT smell,

the smell that is right in the center

of that swirl of hair

on the crown

of that sweet little angel's head

while asleep in your arms.

such peace,

such trust,

such calm.

I digress...

I have never been a big registry person. 

i mean,

i want to get the mom

or bride

or whoever

what they want,

but I love to give them

something that no one else will.

something unexpected,

something homemade.

I know it may be quirky...

but there is a lot of love that goes into each one

and each one is different.

Here is the one I made today

(some of the adhesive is still wet in the photo

and looks yucky,

but it came out ok)

the proud momma is having twins! 

bless her!!!

as i left the party

one of the "mothers to be" stopped me

and said,

"I want you to know, I am expecting a handmade gift too."

I smiled and said "of course."


she is only six weeks along...

i have some time.


Monday, March 15, 2010


it is Monday

trash day

and for my 12 year old's birthday

(in addition to all of the other goodies, of course)

i gave him something that money cannot buy

(well, at least not his money)

I told him i would take out the trash

for an entire MONTH!!!

needless to say,

he loved that.

as i was lugging our one bag out the door,

headed for those


germ riddled,

daunting containers,

a warm breeze whooshed across the yard,

through the beautiful blooming jasmine

and right into my nose.

all of the sudden

that trash bag

full of



became a beautiful blessing.

the day is warm,

the sun is out,

our orange tree is heavy with citrus,

and the jasmine, oh the jasmine

it is just exploding

on our back fence.

i don't think

i would have ventured out there


i didn't need to take out the trash.

and i thought to myself,


just sometimes,

the gnarly jobs are full of joy too.

I hope you all have a trash experience today.

(just be sure to wash your hands afterward)