Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I know the girls are too busy packing to look (or at least I think they are) so I am publishing some swap spoilers... If you are attending SB and are looking for a sneak peek, well, here it is! 

I am in so many swaps I cannot even remember them all.  Nine total!  That is right... NiNe!!!  Whew, I am so glad I am all finished.  And early!  Not like me at all, but it is nice for sure!

I hosted the Spooky-ookey Owl Banner pre-bella swap and here are some shots of that:

This isn't the best photo but it is the whole banner strung up in my living room... I love how it came out!
below is my owl

 I am also hosting an ATC swap and a Saint Tag Swap but those pictures will have to come later (I already sent them off to Omaha)
My Miraculous Mary Montage... here is a peek of her:

The swaps I signed up for... you have already gotten a peek of my "under the big top" page and my apron flair swap in a previous post. So that makes 6. 

Let's see... I did the Bee's Knees swap (hosted by Wanda C.)  Here is a picture of the packaging and the goodies inside:

There was also the Felted Ornament Swap (hosted by Rebecca G), I took old thrift store sweaters and washed them in hot water and dried them.  Once they were small enough to fit a kitten, I cut them up, sewed little seed beads on them, stacked them and made trees out of them.  I made 4 different ornaments before I was satisfied to mass produce 16 of them.  Here they are:

And finally, maybe one of my favorites... the embroidery swap (also hosted by Rebecca G). 
Molly and I traded sweatshirts and she said something about liking birds and trees. 
I ran with it and this is what I did:

Hope she likes it!

More about the big Silver Bella trip to come...