Tuesday, August 3, 2010

one word? really??

I was supposed to think of one word to describe myself...
and since it was difficult,
I cheated. 

I used a word that has more descriptors than any other I could think of.

I picked Libra

Here is my most recent journal entry
my first attempt at a petit doll
from the suzi blu class i have been taking...

on my last journal page,
I realized that my journaling
(well really my lettering)
needed much practice,
so that is really my focus here. 
Look at that ridiculous letter A in the middle of the left page! 
Well, it was a good exercise to get some practice in and stretch those creative wings once again.



Ella said...

She is so adorable; I haven't taken this class at Suzi's..still in the Poetry n' Goddess one~ Fun!!!

natalea said...

I love what you made!! I wanted to take that Suzi Blu class...it looks wonderful!
Ok, now I have to add you to my google reader...why weren't you on there?!
hope you are enjoying your summer!
xox natalea