Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh my greatness... Christmas already??

While perusing pinterest, as many do these days, I found this cute little wreath:

It is located at this blog with instructions

I really wanted to hand make some Christmas gifts this year so I took this idea and made it my own.  I went to all the local thrift stores and picked up as many wool sweaters as I could find.  My DH was so sweet and suportive, he doesn't even question me anymore.  He actually came along and helped me hunt down some of my best finds!  So then I washed them in super hot, super soapy water and dried them on high.  They came out looking like they would fit no one larger than a muppet.
I got out my scissors and through several Christmas movies, I cut 4x4 squares out of those sweaters.  Goodness knows how many.
Then, I took a wire hanger (the kind you get from your dry cleaning) and with my tin snips cut off the top and made a loop with the wire by twisting it aroung some pretty hefty pliers.  I then started putting the felted sweater squares on the wire one at a time and an hour later, I had something that looked like this:

It is so warm and festive, I just want to cuddle with it.  There are cardigans with their buttons still attached, scarves and even tags throughout the wreath.  It was fun, easy and will last forever.
Have yourself a Merry little Christmas, full of fun and homemade love!