Monday, January 2, 2012


Every year I look forward to receiving Christmas Cards.
Each one different and containing sweet notions from friends far and near.

I hang them all the way up our banister
and usually
have to use the other one as well. 

Even the letters!

At the end of the Christmas Season, I take them all down and my stairway becomes bare again. 

Then comes the "what to do with them now?" 

I have a hard time just tossing them in the trash, they are treasures and full of amazing photos. 

So this year, I have decided to put them on rings. 
I punched holes in them and put them all together like a little book. 
I will pack them away with our Christmas decorations and next year,
I will toss the little book on our coffee table for perusing. 
It doesn't take up much room
and it is full of every one's letters and well wishes. 

A simple little spot of joy.



Cheryl said...

Funny. I did the same thing with my bind it all. Good minds think alike!! Happy new year!!

Christie said...

What a great idea! Genius Gina! A suitable nickname for you!