Sunday, January 15, 2012

Round Robin

Oh my... here we go.

I am in a round robin book swap and this week I am shipping my book off to the first of 10 other girls (not including myself) who will create pages in my book based on the theme I chose. 

There are so many ideas swimming around in my head, but I have gone with a very general theme. 

This book is all about "happiness"

I began creating it under the tutelage of Pam Garrison at my very first art retreat ever.  It was held in Ashland, Oregon, where I actually met some of the girls in the RR for the first time and it will forever be a memory of a very happy time in my life… up there with some of the happiest.  I was with like-minded girls, all come together for the simple pleasure of creating.  I never even knew such things existed.  Now with this, I finally have a great use for my budding art journal.  Since that time in Aug 2008, it has been waiting for the perfect inspiration to fill it, and I am honored to be in such a group of girls who will help make that happen. 

The girls will focus on the simple things that make them happy.  It could be dedicated to just one thing, or a whole list of things.  They may even just capitalize on a quote about happiness.  I want their creations to make them happy.  After all, it is about the journey, right?
happy creating!

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m i c h e l l e said...

Lovevity. Can't wait to see it all first hand! Just mailed Christine's to you this morning!