Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the last touches of Christmas...

In keeping to my word, I have been creating every day.

My page for the Vintage Christmas ABC book page is complete. 

I was assigned the letter "H" and had no idea beyond
ho, ho, ho
what I would possibly come up with. 

I am happy to say that I stretched my creative wings and did something completely different that what I expected. 

Love it or hate it, here is the product:
(I couldn't resist the "hiney")

and because the group needed some more members, my little creative one signed up too. 

She is 11. 

You want to try something really hard sometime? 

Give an 11 year old a project, with a deadline, and sit back and let it happen. 

It is so hard for me to not intervene. 

However, she has been working hard on these little beauties and I believe that she is quite pleased with them.  She was assigned the letter L (again, very difficult to come up with many Ls for Christmas)  We had just watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and so she based her page on that fond memory.  Here is what she came up with:

She painted around each family photo and based it on the meaning behind the movie. 
Not bad for 11. 
I was just trying to remember what I was doing at 11 years old. 
I don't think it was as memorable as this...

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Christine Barker said...

Your daughter made an incredible piece of art. I was playing with Barbie and Ken, not coming up with amazing, heartfelt art. Wow! Great job, Mom!