Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day came a bit early here...

Because sometimes words get in the way, I will refrain.

Today, in the mail, my Valentine ATC swap arrived:

cover by Joanna Lewis

Cindy Gilstrap

Maija Lepore

Gina Grable
(you are here!)

Heather Ales

Jenny Morgan
(no blog yet, but we are working on her.
Her stuff is too amazing to go unseen!)

Ali Sunlia Gripp

Alisa Noble

Jana Perenchio

Cindy Mayfield

Valita Baxley

The final page was a short note to all the girls who participated and a beautiful end cover to the book completed by Joanna as well.

Can I just tell you that it is the yummiest book of all sorts of goodness?! So many wonderful people participated in the making of it, but the biggest thanks goes out to Joanna, what a doll!
She packaged it all up and included so many little Valentine goodies...

I feel so very loved.


Cindy said...

Isn't it just AMAZING! So tiny and wonderful! I was just blow away and so delighted to be a part of it. And yep, Joanna was too sweet to host and include all the treats as well. What a fun thing. I need to put mine on my blog too. LOVE your blog too to find you!


Jana said...

Just got mine in the mail today too, isn't it wonderful???!!! Thanks for participating and for linking me here.....SO sweet!

Anonymous said...

This swap was so much fun!!! Love the book. I also got your 4x4 from Danielle's swap and it is just precious!!! LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

I love your book! It is just adorable.