Sunday, December 7, 2008

so many wonderful things...

There are so many wonderful things happening right now! I am on a glitter high because we just finished our 12 days of Christmas swap at the Pink Pineapple AND today was the Holiday Hoopla! I just wanted to share some pictures of all the wonderful things happening right now in one quick journal because I have been so bad about updating my blog lately. I promise to do better. (ooh, I feel my first New Year's resolution coming on!)

we got our Christmas lights up! Hooray!

I figured out how to put my Twinchies up from the Advent Calender Twinchie Swap at the Silver Bella. You know, you just can't leave good art laying around! I hung them with tiny binder clips on a shimmery green cord and hung the cord like a small garland over a large mirror. Very nice!

Here are the 12 days of Christmas books all packaged up and ready for delivery at the cookie and hot cocoa revealing party at "The Pink." They came out just lovely and the girls were all so wonderful! I will post a picture of the completed book with a group picture as soon as I can get my hot little hands on it.

Here is a photo of my little model with the banner I taught at the Holiday Hoopla. We all had such a good time today!

And finally, a picture of the wonderful group of girls I got to work with today Leah Fung, Candice McLean, Teri Rogers, Krystie Whillock, Me and Michelle Hill (Stephanie Ackerman, what a doll, was there too, we just missed her for the group shot.)

Wow, what a week!



Cheryl said...

What a great idea with your twinchies. Hope you don't mind but I may "lift" that idea from you, as I wanted to display mine but had not gotten there yet! Can't wait to see the 12 days book from PP!

AliGripp said...

That is a darling idea for your twinchies!! I love that garland that sweet little model is holding. She is so stinkin' cute!! I hear you about the blog! I am hoping to keep mine going like I have been lately!!