Tuesday, December 9, 2008

our local swap group and oh so talented...

Here is the lovely group of girls who locally participated in the 12 days of Christmas swap. They were all so delightful and talented! We even had a mother and daughter participate making our youngest artist only 16! And boy is she talented! What a great group of gals!

Here is our group shot, everyone is holding their book open to the page they created and my little helper elf is holding the famous Blue Bunny.
I created the cover and used a vintage photo from the early 40's. It is an awesome shot of a Macy's Department Store Santa sitting. What a magical time!
The first day of Christmas was created by Terri K. She layered lots of paper and paint and topped it all off with this sweet birdie ornament.
The second day was created by Bonnie P. She did a phenomenal job of using a vintage photo of her grandmother. It was just beautiful and the silver twigs were the icing on the cake!
April, oh that crafty and creative April C. She created the 3rd day of Christmas with those French hens. All I can say is Ooh, la, la! Marie's dress opens up to reveal the other 2 hens!)
Cierra B. created this wonderful version of the 4th day and it was covered in beautiful gold glitter and the sweet bird addition. I thought it was an old playing card but no, she made it herself! Too cute!
Sherry W. worked her magic to create her 5th day. She was bound and determined to use those 5 golden rings and incorporate an angel. I just love the frosting of the angel's wings with the glitter, such a sweet touch.

Day 6 was created by Kimmi S. and I have to say it was a collage of Christmas-y goodness! She is quite talented!

Krystie W. wowed us all with her interpretation of the 7th day of Christmas. Don't you just love all the fibers and wire? When does this girl sleep?

Christie R. created the 8th day. Her combination of paper was heavenly and she even went as far as painting a milk mustache on our little maid a milking. Too cute!

Donna L. was not afraid to make her page 3-D! She added a whole shoe to hers! My favorite was her hand cut 9 ladies dancing all had hand painted on lipstick and hand colored hair (all right after she had hand surgery!!) Amazing!

Christine P. created the 10th day with oodles of goodness. She used vintage sheet music and prima flowers with sparkles and rhinestone goodness. Yummy!

Christianne P. was our youngest but pulled her weight nicely! She embellished with a paper doilies and used techniques that she learned in classes with her mom. We were all impressed!
Ally rocked our last page with one of my favorites... the little drummer boy who looks like he was taken right out of the Civil War era. the topped off her colorful and amazing page with a big shimmery star. LOVE IT!!

I am so happy with the way it turned out and so was everyone else! Next up is a Sweet Valentine's Swap. Stay tuned to the Pink Pineapple for more details!



Anonymous said...

Oh, YAY! I love seeing the photos of each page posted on your blog, Gina! I am so grateful that you posted these! Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful swap! I can't wait for your next one! :-D

AliGripp said...

I want one so bad!! It is just beautiful!!