Friday, September 25, 2009


I was lucky enough to meet up with some very good friends this weekend. There is a long story behind it and I will not bore you with the details but Sandy Camarda, Lisa Kettel and I have a little Charlotta history. When we all met, I surprised them with one of three "Charlottas" (not really frozen Charlotte but a bisque head instead.) I ordered them on eBay and decorated them all up. They even got a little “tramp stamp” tattoo on their back shoulder of a creepy, yet sassy little spider.

It was a fun project and the best part was the look on my Charlotta’s faces when they opened them up. Now we each have one to remember the others by.

I gave the orange ones to the Charlottas they were much more Halloween-ish and kept "Miss Green" for myself.

And just take a peek at the sweetness I got in return!
The adorable one on the left is a little mouse lion tamer from Lisa and the spooky-ookey one on the right was created by Sandy.  She says "Charlotta was bewitched"

I love them both and they have a special place in my home reserved for the finest of fine homemade art.

More soon on last weekend when I was so fortunate to join with creative souls for sweet Kim Caldwell's event:
 An Artistic Affaire L'Automne.



Alisa Noble said...

Okay, "Charlotta" in Sandy's post makes sense now! LOL

All three of your girls are lovely and the two you received are great as well!

Unknown said...

I LOVE my Charlotta witch! I'm so happy we got to meet up in San Diego afterwards!



Stephanie O. said...

All these creations are great!!