Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a little birdie and a clown...

I have been to Solo again and every time I go, I find something wonderful, a treasure of some sort to brighten my home or a gift for someone dear.  here is the little gem I found and could not leave behind... isn't she sweet?

In other endeavors, I have completed my "Under the Big Top" Swap page.  This swap is being hosted by the ever talented Wanda Clark for Silver Bella this fall.  I was not going to sign up because it didn't sound like my style, but it was a fun challenge and as always in art, I learned a few things. 

Here is a sneak-peek at my page.  I used some old Rusty Pickle Circus themed paper, a meri-meri clown that I shrunk waaaaaay down and re-made (fifteen times!!!) because he only came in a huge size, and painted and glittered some hat pins. 
I am really excited to see how this whole thing turns out.  Wanda is making the covers and binding them all together and will deliver them to us in November... oh goodie!


Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Ciao Gina, so nice to see you a La Maison Rustique, I knew we would click and now that I see your profile: country music (that's me!), oak trees with a tire swing (that's me) I hope you will come over Rainbow and solder with me. Love your daughter and I hope she will get use to her braces soon. Ciao Rita

Maija said...

I can't wait to see you Gina!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your clown pages Gina! I can't wait to see how our book turns out!

Anonymous said...

Okay, not sure why my comments are saved under that crazy number combo, but it's Stacy!

Alisa Noble said...

I thought about Wanda's Big Top swap too, but didn't in the end.
Can't wait to see you in a just a month and a half!

Unknown said...

I miss you already Charlotta! I'm still freaking out over the seals!

Hugs from Toronto!