Tuesday, November 18, 2008

as promised... the 12 days

I promised several Bellas that I would post our swap when it was complete. Here is the most glittery, glamorous days in all its glory (and they are glorious!!!):

I did the cover:
Liz Albrecht of the Artist Cellar was the first day of Christmas her paints were just perfect for the project, shimmering and shining!

Kim Caldwell of Artistic Bliss was day 2 with so many layers I could not even count! Stunning!

Michele Witchell of Willy Nilly Art & Whimsy was day 3 with her French hens are all speaking French! Ooh, la, la!!!

Cherie Wilson was day 4 with her vintage sheet music and glittery birds, so sweet!

Sylvia Estrada did amazing things with the 5 golden rings, and on material non-the-less!

Alisa Noble's fingers were probably numb after cutting all those geese, but it was worth it for the 6th day of Christmas!

Oh and that Heather Ales... Who but her would have thought of a ballerina for seven swans-a-swimming???!!! Love her for that!

Julie Hackney and her maids-a-milking was a huge hit! Just look at that chic cow!

Karen Lea wowed us all with her ladies dancing, the vibrant colors, rhinestones and feathers to boot... I feel like I was just at the Copa Cabana!

And then there is Miss Stacy McGinnis! She was so clever making her lords a leaping cute little frogs. Just look at that ornament in the corner... what a clever girl!

Lisa Orme, what a treat it was to get these in the mail, she used real vintage glass ornaments on the page!
And finally, last but far from least, my newest flying buddy Cheryl Stoneham created the most beautiful final page for our 12 days. Just look at the scrolling detail and the wonderful glitter trim. You cannot tell but that pink stripe is a vintage velvet ribbon going down the side!

Thank you all who participated! My Christmas decor will be the envy of all! I am truly blessed to get to have worked on such a special project with you all!



Anonymous said...

Hey girl! So fun to meet you and I am SO signing up for this swap next year. Make sure to post pics of your cute little dolls when they are all spruced up.

Heidi said...

Hi Gina! Wow, I love seeing these pages here on your blog, when I have TIME to look at each one! I wish I could have been in this swap of your's as well as the Fine Feathered Friends ATC book. Which, by the way, was over the top fabulous, too! I hope you found the missing book. What a swapping frenzy it got to be in that ballroom! Thanks for your hard work at putting these all together!
Hugs. Heidi

Julia said...

Lest you think I am unappreciative, I want you to know I didn't really take out my book and study it until Monday. OH, my goodness. You had a wonderful idea and it came together perfectly. So thank you, thank you.

And The Fine Feathered Friends ATC Mini-book...is over the top with all your added charms and ribbons. Gina, you are just the best. I wish I lived down the street from you and could attend your workshops! Then we could go get dinner and do a little line dancing.

xoxo, Julia (Who could be your mom but would rather be your sister)

one and one + two said...

Gina, Thanks so much for hosting the Feathered Friends swap. The book is so amazing {I posted photos of the whole thing on my blog}. Just love it. It was great to meet you!


AliGripp said...

I just love these pages! They are just stunning!! You all are such lucky girls!!

Anonymous said...

I am so slow at responding to your post...but the book is stunning. What a fun keepsake. I miss all my Bella's!