Saturday, October 18, 2008

happy birthday to me!

I have been searching for just the right dressform for a good long time now and everywhere I look they are not only expensive, but they just have not been too exciting. Today I went out (my birthday none-the-less) bound and determined to find one, or at least hoping to find one. I did, I did, I did!!! Here she is... now I just need a name for her! I am even more excited because her sister is with my dear friend Jenny, so now we get to share the sisters. How fun!



Heidi said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Ohhlala...she's so pretty in black! Makes her look so slim!!!

Hope your day was great!!!

Heather Ales said...

oh my stars - Happy belated Birthday! And what a treat to find, a dress form! I want one terribly bad but alas there's no where to put her at the moment!

Hope your day was awesome!

Birds of a Feather said...

hi gina ~

happy (late) b-day to you!

looking forward to meeting you at SB!

xo heidi

Katie Watson said...

This is so pretty!! Have fun with her!!