Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today I finally rode my bicycle to work. I learned quickly that I should do this everyday, I need the exercise. My legs were letting me know just how long it had been since I took them to a decent gym workout and they were not going to let me forget it for even one moment of that short and sweet ride.

On the way home, I saw in the distance a fire burning. It was pretty large and far away but a strange site on a nice October afternoon ride home. The sky was filling up with smoke and I could actually see flames on top of a large hill in the distance.

We went on with our day and in the evening when I was driving home my little girl said with a scared twinge to her voice, "look Mommy!" As we approached the crest of the hill that looks down into the valley where we live and off into the horizon, we saw the fire glowing with darkness framing it. It was an amazing sight. A little scary, but amazing. The fire is burning in an area that is all open and fields so no property or people are compromised. The problem now is that they are trying to contain it before it gets worse.

Please say an extra little prayer for our firefighters fighting this and all those fires out there.


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Heidi said...

Wow, fires are really scary when they are in plan sight. I hope it was put out completly. Riding your bike to work sounds like fun...for a day or two! LOL

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