Friday, September 26, 2008


Hooray! Today I packaged up my "Twinchies" and they are ready to send to dear Melissa our gracious Twinchie Advent Calender host. She came up with the fabulous idea to have 25 girls make 25 2x2 cards (with one assigned day for each, of course) and she is putting them all together for us and delivering them to the Silver Bella with sugar plum goodies too! All 25 girls participating will get their own advent calender and I cannot wait to see all the goodness that comes from it. Here is a sneak peak at mine, can you guess my day?

Also, last weekend I went to this great antique barn sale. It is only open once a month and each month the owner (so creative and fabulous) gives each sale a theme. Well, for the end of September I was expecting a Halloween theme but was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a bird theme "Feather Your Nest" Here is what I saw as soon as I walked in the door... too bad it was already sold. A most wonderful piece!
More goodies later,

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Heidi said...

You're doing Twinchies are "in the works" on my craft table...I've got quite a bit of work still to do, but at least I know what I'm doing (that was the hard part!). I'm so excited to see them all when we get to Silver Bella!

Love that nest theme sale, how fun!