Thursday, July 29, 2010

a random act of kindness (rak)

Today was unlike any other...

got up, got ready,

ran out for errands



I found a box in the mail.

I didn't order anything...

hopefully my son was not on eBay again trying to out bid someone

(the last time he did that
we paid almost $70 for 2 inspector gadget toys...
God bless him, he hates to lose!
you can bet your sweet pa-tootie
that we changed our password though)

I digress.

In the door I went,

mail and box in hand.

I ripped into the package and found the sweetest card and gifts.

AND all owlies! 

She knows me!!!

My dear friend Julie Baxley sent it with thanks for hosting swaps last year at Silver Bella. 


what a living doll! 

She already sent me goodies back then

and now this!

Well, there is only one thing to do...

pay it forward. 

Maybe you can do one too!

I love random acts of kindness, thank you Julie!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Gina! Glad you got the goodies, and the owl pen wasn't to smushed! I've been carrying it around with me since Silver Bella 2009, when I intended to give it to you! In the meantime I found some other little owlies! I so loved our owl swap and hope to bring our banner out real soon! Thanks again!

Julie B.