Sunday, January 3, 2010

silver sunday #1

Welcome to my first Silver Sunday post, thanks to Beth of Gypsy Fish Journal there is a gaggle of girls all participating in this fun event.

Today, as I was taking down my Christmas ornaments, I was inspired by so many sparkly silver ones that I love. I looked at the pile and just had to snap a shot to share.

There was everything there from vintage silver given to me when I was a child to newer ornaments and even one I found this year at Silver Bella. They all have a special story that comes with each one of them which is why I got a little sad when it came time to put then away. It helps to remember the joy and pleasant surprise I feel each year as I unpack them again to hang them on the tree for another wonderful Christmas spent with good friends and family.

On another note, I posted earlier on the Mary Montage Swap from Silver Bella but did not take close up shots with notes on who made what. BUT, sweet Teresa McFayden did just that yesterday. So if you would like to peruse, they are here.  Thanks for doing that Teresa!



Jane said...

You do have some wonderful, silver, sparkly Christmas decorations (my favorite too). It's nice to have such good memories that go along with them.

Kathy said...

Pretty, glittery silver!

Lyneen said...

I love the memories attached to ornaments and Christmas decorations. All My Favorite Things

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Ahhhhh ... silver glitter, a hands down favorite! It's all a crafty girl needs ... well,maybe some glue, too!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found you through Teresa's blog, Wow loved those swap items AND your a So. Cal girl, me too! Will you be teaching a class locally? where ever local may be? Stacey

Jessi Nagy said...

hey doll
girl you can always do the taco bell fresco menu. and pizza hut has an organic pizza!!!
see ya soon sweets.