Tuesday, December 29, 2009

it really is about the presents...

We have worked so hard with the kids to teach them the meaning of Christmas, desperately doing our best to shield them from the frenzy and strangulation of this special time.

Last year, we began a new tradition.  We make gifts for each other and instead of 20 trips to the mall and being a part of the holiday rush, we are busy at home like little elves working on our projects.

Skill required:  NONE
Love required:  TONS

It is the best part of our whole mad frenzy of unwrapping because these gifts, more than any other, come straight from the heart.

If for the rest of my life, I only received handmade gifts, I would be in heaven.

I just wanted to share what my husband made for me, it came in a frame but here is the picture alone:

It is my family's hands telling me (in sign language) "we love you"

The love and care for another that goes into these special gifts, now that is Christmas.



Cheryl said...

I love your Christmas tradition of handmade gifts and what a great gift from your hubby! Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to Matilda's at the end of January!!

m i c h e l l e said...

Gina, that has got to be one
of the best gifts ever in the
history of all of mankind!

I absolutely love it!

Susan Z said...

What a wonderful and creative show of love!! You deserve it!! Hope your Holidays were Spectacular!!

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

What a wonderful gift and a great tradition to start now.

Bryanna Lenan said...

OMG that is beautiful! We are doing the entire handmade gifts with JJ, too. Of course at 2 it hasnt really hit him what Christmas is. However we have been careful to not have a gazillion gifts so he doesn't expect it... what a wonderful tradition... the meaning of Christmas comes from our hearts not our pocketbooks. Much love and admiration!

Joanna said...

Hey Gina G!

Awh! That is wonderful. Aaron is awesome. Love how you can see everyone's face in at least one pic.

Tell the kids I said Hi... and give Anna a little hug from me. :)

oh, Today I wore the "Vintage Chick" tee you gave me... love it!

Happy New Year!

Joanna {sweet finds}

natalie said...

I so agree about the handmade gifts...I love that you did that! And I love your gift!

Unknown said...

I think it's waaay cool that you all make your gifts and the gift from your man is amazing! Thanks soooo much for your sweet birthday wishes! All the best to you in the new year my friend!

Sandy xox

Jill said...

THAT is wonderful. Just wonderful. I'm glad I found your blog!