Wednesday, April 8, 2009

old friends and sweet maija

This weekend was so wonderful! I got to spend time with some old high school friends. Normally that isn't such a big deal but when you live 2,600 miles from your high school, getting more than one of them together is a really big deal (at least for me!)

Spending time with them was so very precious. They are links to my past, people who know where I came from and who really get me. Pretty cool.


A huge thank you to Maija... just look what she sent me for being a runner up in her giveaway!!!

too sweet, thank you so much!!!



Jessi Nagy said...

hey there doll,
Happy Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello miss gina!
Just popping in to say hello...I'm so excited about registering for SB 09 tonight!

Cristi Brewer-Allen said...

I loved spending time with you also. Next time, I must bring the boys. Miss you already!!!