Sunday, March 29, 2009

a few last thoughts on la petite maison blanc...

I know... it is a lot to take in, but it really was amazing! There was so much that happened that I had to chunk it out so that I could share it all. There was just no way to fit it into just one, two or even three bloggings. These are my final thoughts, and photos of that wonderful event.
(i promise!)

The three muses: Pam Garrison, Teresa McFayden, and Amy Hanna
My canvas house swap partner (Nancy Anicich) and I The canvas she made for me
I got to meet Jenny Doh! Pinch me!

I caved and bought a piece from Amy Hanna! I love it!!! (the photo does not do it justice!) I only wish I could have gotten them all. The hardest part is deciding which one...

Dinner at Cheesecake Factory (clockwise starting in far left corner ~ Cheryl, Suzanne, Natalie, Jessi, Heather, Jenny, Joanna, and me) It was sooooo good!!!

Like we didn't see enough of each other... is that possible??!! We (a few of us die-hards) drove out to Temeclua to this sweet barn sale called La Maison Rustique. The ladies were all so sweet, they had treats out for us (cookies, pastries, and mimosas! yummy!!!) and it was quite the reception! My little antique-r Anna joined in on the fun too... she got a handful (or two) of vintage cracker jack toys. Thank you to the lovely Linda, Sherry, Joy, Rita and all the ladies who were so hospitable to our little gaggle of girls that day!

It was a bittersweet day, it was still full of good friends and fun surprises, but in the end, everyone went back to their little nook in the world. Until next time ladies...



Unknown said...

Gosh it looks like so much fun! Wish I were there!

Sandy xo

Jana said...

Oh my word, I'm SO envious but yet happy that you go to go!!

Tina Marie Capriotti said...

Hi Gina!
I'm surfing blogs and found your like thru Colleen Moody's - so nice to bump into you again!! First time was Ashland, and then @ Kim's!! I live near La Maison Rustique and wish I knew you were all heading out - I would have love to meet up with y'all! Keep me in the creative loop ok??!! Hope to see you soon! Tina