Friday, July 30, 2010

Nourish Your Soul

I went to mail something yesterday and realized I was near a bookshop that sells Moleskines and I needed some for my journaling class. The come in packs of 3. I purchased them and went home, not knowing what I was in store for and how fate sometimes has other ideas for us.

There has not been much creating lately and I was so excited to get back into it (much like my blogging!) It is when I am at my most calm and peaceful state, which doesn't happen often enough.

As I sat down yesterday to begin my online journaling workshop taught by Hope, my little budding artist asked if she could join and grabbed one of the journals.

If you want to grow as an artist, create with a child.

We ended up at it most of the day.

It was quite an experience.

She is only ten and expects herself to create just like the master.

There were some tears,

but when she realized what wonderful things she can come up with on her own,

she relaxed and enjoyed the day.

Now she has some work that she is proud of and the time we spent together was priceless.

Here are our first pages:


Now, as I reflect,
I see that I need to
work on more words and less collage.

Getting comfortable with my writing is tough,
but I have to let go…
especially with my little one watching.

Being comfortable in our own skin and developing our talents is such a mountain for an artist to climb but once we are at the summit, the possibilities are endless and what amazing and beautiful work follows! 

I am still climbing...



Jenny said...

Love it!! Way to go you to girls!!! HOw fun...great course to get you kicked into gear to journal!! Can't wait to see more......

Sandy Michelle said...

Hi Gina! I miss you girl! How clever to have your daughter join in the journaling fun! I will have to do that as well with my daughters! I am going to work on my Musings journal at the cottage next week. The pages you guys created are wonderful! Happy summer!

Sandy xox said...

I can't wait till my little one can make actual creations with me, instead of just smearing stuff around!!