Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i am still here...

life tends to get away from me...

or maybe it is this blogging that gets away.

while i am living life


that is it.

I have been LIVING LIFE.

summer is in full swing,

family visits, garage band sessions, house guests, horse camp, swimming in the cold pacific, BBQs, kids i do not even know running through my home... 

gosh, i need a vacation to get away from my vacation. 

that sounds ungrateful. 

i do not mean to sound that way,

i am happy to have the time off. 

it is a blessing.

just yesterday, i drove my dad and step mom to the airport and said goodbye. 

I came home and everyone was exhausted

so we pulled out the hide-a-bed and hung out snuggling and watching movies all day...

the whole family

(and yes, puppy too) 

It was like a snow day, without the snow. 

Now that I am all rested, I wondered onto a wonderful friend and artist's blog...

Hope Wallace Karney

look out girls, if you have never been there

(and I cannot imagine you haven't)

you can get lost in the wonderfulness of it all

I just signed up for her
"nourish your soul"
journaling class

(i know, like I need something else to work on)

but maybe i will finish this one... maybe

it looks really, really, really creative and i hope to get those juices flowin' again

it has been

really, really, really too long.

more on this and that suzi blu class later... (whichihavereallynevermentionedexcepttosomeclosefriendswhohavebeenaskingaboutmyprogresswhichihavenonetoshowbecasueijustcannotsitstill.)



Leanne said...

Hey I'm doing Nourish Your Soul too! How's Suzy's class -- I was eyeing those thinking of starting with her next semester....

Oh and I have plans for last year's Madonna swap (do I say this every time I comment on your blog? Probably...) ... now all I have to do is make it....

Bryanna Lenan said...

HI glad to see you are still out there!!