Monday, September 29, 2008

more goodies...

I got another box for my
Fine Feathered Friends ATC swap in the mail today
and didn't get all the way in the door before I was jumping for joy!
It was from Stephanie George Hirschberg at

She is amazing for sure and look at the little goodie she sent along with it!

Thanks Stephanie! You are a doll!!!

The coolest thing about hosting a swap right now
is that my birthday is right around the corner...
what a treat to find such goodies in my mailbox!


I snagged some glam gear for the Silver Bella
and I am just giddy.
A super cute prom dress tee shirt from Natasha Burns at


from the wonderful and most talented Natalie Hansen at

a Silver Bella Necklace.

You better believe this little puppy will be all the glam rage!



Linda said...

I'm SOOO excited!!!!!!

Heidi ( said...

How pretty! Happy early birthday! I've got to get my pre-order in for the pretty tshirt by Natasha! All in pink, yea!!! I'm looking forward to our bird books!!! You're doing a great job as hostess!

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Gina, you are going to be so sick of birds by the time this event is over. LOL

Happy early birthday! xoxo, Joanna

Cami said...

Cutest! I have such issues w/ tshirts. I don't wanna look like Sponge Bob or Pamela Anderson and depending upon size... It could go either way! Maybe I should go for the one size fits all charm... Fun and creative blog you have here Gina girl. I will be back when I have ample perusal time. said...

Aren't the shirts great? I ordered one right away!