Monday, March 15, 2010


it is Monday

trash day

and for my 12 year old's birthday

(in addition to all of the other goodies, of course)

i gave him something that money cannot buy

(well, at least not his money)

I told him i would take out the trash

for an entire MONTH!!!

needless to say,

he loved that.

as i was lugging our one bag out the door,

headed for those


germ riddled,

daunting containers,

a warm breeze whooshed across the yard,

through the beautiful blooming jasmine

and right into my nose.

all of the sudden

that trash bag

full of



became a beautiful blessing.

the day is warm,

the sun is out,

our orange tree is heavy with citrus,

and the jasmine, oh the jasmine

it is just exploding

on our back fence.

i don't think

i would have ventured out there


i didn't need to take out the trash.

and i thought to myself,


just sometimes,

the gnarly jobs are full of joy too.

I hope you all have a trash experience today.

(just be sure to wash your hands afterward)



Bryanna Lenan said...

well, Im glad your back trash lady!! lol!! Ive missed your blog posts... and Ive missed you...

Tamerie Shriver said...

Aren't we lucky to live in such a beautiful place?

Rita said...

Similar experience, the boys forgot to take the trash out! And we went snowboarding for 2 days and the house smelled so bad when we got back last night and I remember my pink jasmine bloomingggg. I have a bouquet of jasmine close to me the all time! My grandma kept jasmine blooms in the linen drawers too. Ciao Rita

Alisa said...

That's awesome! It's the little things, like a sweet scent on the breeze.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Gina, I've missed reading your posts, glad you're back! And Happy Belated Birthday to your son, who I share a birthday with! Will you come to my house and take the trash out please? I have Queen Anne's Lace and Hyacinth blooming!

Julie B.

Peggy Houston, TX said...

Truth! I was home sick and yet laying on the sofa with the rain dancing on the roof - I felt blessed and lucky! (even with a virus!)

Maija said...

You old garbage girl!!! Any way to enjoy the beautiful weather is good by me!!