Monday, October 12, 2009

Jack's back...

a posting quickie...

I was so happy to participate in Pricilla Cerda's Tim Burton Halloween Ornament Swap recently.
Here is a quick look at my little Jacks in progress: 

and completed:

I could not resist making Jack... I just love that movie!



Alisa said...

Those are too cute, Gina! I love that movie too.

Frippery said...

Adorable. One of my fave movies too. Christmas and Halloween all rolled together in a dark little ball, whats not to love?

Wizard of Was said...

I am so very glad you stopped in at the barn today!! And I am equally glad you talked about your blog to Sandra and I...Wow you are soooo talented!! Love the heads you just finished and the bottle you made a couple of posts ago are fantastic! Keept it goin' girl! And take lots of pics on your trip to Utah!!
My Best

nataliehansen said...

Gina GIrl! Those are simply adorable! And happy belated birthday!