Thursday, April 30, 2009

she's arrived... my sweet Marie!!

Oh my greatness! She arrived!!! As you probably know, I participated in the Marie Canvas Swap and sent mine off to Alisa last week, and she sent her's to me. Well as fate would have it, we got each other's on the very same day!!! You just would not believe the amazing packaging around this lovely piece! She put so much love and care into it all. Where to begin??!!

When I found the box on my doorstep, I just could not help but tear into it. I am never good at taking photos of the before shots... I am learning to get better at it though. It was amazing! Wrapped in this vintage fabric, pinned with a beautiful vintage brooch and adorned with the sweetest plumes woven together with a beautiful velvet ribbon and my initial made of pearls! This girl thinks of everything!!! Here is the box of goodies:

Here is a closer look at the amazing work she did on this canvas. The shoes, the cake, the German glass glitter initials, the birdcage handmade with the finest of wire, the feathers, the ribbons, the bead work, the fan... OH!

Here are some chocolates she added to the mix. They are made right in her home town and they are just yummy as can be! chocolates fit for Marie herself! They even shimmer!!

And just check out these beautiful French soaps she sent too! I swear, it must be Christmas! The whole box smelled just lovely, like fields of lavender, milk and honey. Guest soaps? I think not! These babies are going in my bathroom where I can smell them every day. Sorry guests... you get the hotel soaps. (well, unless you are Alisa)

Thank you so much Alisa, you are just too much! I cannot wait to see you again in November!



Wanda said...

Alisa does do Marie well. I met her during a previous Marie Swap..she was my partner and she goes all out. It's lovely. Enjoy it. :)

Alisa said...

I am SO happy that you like her!!!